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Mission: To utilize our genetic genealogy skills and resources to provide biological family information and connections, at no-cost, to adoptees or any person who has been impacted by a surprise non-paternal event (NPE) following a DNA test.

We understand the unique emotional impact felt by those struggling with biological questions or unexpected DNA test results and offer a beneficial online support system to our clients.

Meet The Angels









  • "I have been searching for my biological father since 1992. I never thought I would find out who he was. With the help of the DNAngels I did in just a matter of hours. I had an Ancestry Tree, had taken the Ancestry DNA tests and had 1 match over 1000cms that did not match anything I had on my tree. The DNAngels took it and ran with it!! There's not enough ways to say "Thank You" to these amazing women!! As I've seen posted many times before, but it's worth repeating, Never Give UP!!"
    - Billi Whitesell
  • "I cannot thank you & the team enough for helping me find my bio dad and breaking down some of the brick walls for finding relatives on my mom's side of the family. It's been an emotional roller coaster ride but having answers & your support has helped. Thank you!!"
    - Pattie Guess
  • "What a fantastic group of people who truly have hearts of gold! The service they provide to those looking for answers is AMAZING! They walk you through the process, hold your hand during the tough times and celebrate with you when things turn out well. Could not recommend them enough."
    - Nicole Brueck
  • "I definitely would recommend the DNAngels; they basically found my birth mother with in one day with not much to go on. It was very exciting by the end of the day to know my biological Mom's name as well as I have two sisters and maybe a brother on my mother's side. They were friendly and very helpful. Laura and Ashley were amazing, thank you."
    - Amy Provost
  • "DNAngels provides a much-needed support service to people seeking information about their DNA test. They are an amazing group of individuals who are dedicated to helping clients find information about their genetic genealogy... and they provide their services at no cost."
    - Stephanie Leslie
  • "This group went above and beyond helping my husband find his birth parents after searching for 15 years!!! We are so thankful."
    - Silvia Decker
  • "The Angels have helped two of my family members. So kind, smart, fast and all around the best people I have had the honor to be associated with. Thank You Victoria, Laura and Ashley. You three are to kind for words. I am still amazed at you perfect work. Yes, PERFECT. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
    - Debbie Morrison

Client Requirements:

  • The parent(s) you are seeking are presumed to reside in the United States.
  • You must have had your DNA tested with AncestryDNA (ancestry.com).
  • This is an interactive research process. You must have the time and willingness to collaborate with our Search Angels.
  • Potential clients are screened and prioritized based on the quality of your DNA relative matches. This allows DNAngels to efficiently assist as many clients as possible.

Do you meet one of the following criteria?

Are you adopted and searching for your birth parents?

Did you take a DNA test and the results were unexpected?

Have you never known your biological father's identity?

Were you donor conceived?

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