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Rescued at Birth: An Adoptee’s Journey to Closure

 Author: Jeff Eddins  Category: Adoption  Publisher: BookBaby (June 14, 2022  Published: June 14, 2022  ISBN: 1667838075  Buy Now

“Rescued at Birth” is a breathtaking story about identity, belonging, and family. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow up never physically identifying with anyone, or seeing pictures of immediate family members who bare any resemblance to you? For Jeff Eddins, he spent most of his life feeling like he came from nowhere – but he knew he had to come from somewhere.

For most adoptees like Jeff, there are critical elements missing in their lives. And no matter how well they were loved and cared for by their adoptive parents, it’s not enough to carry on through life without identifying who created them or the circumstances that led to their adoption. All human beings have an innate desire to identify with someone of similar genetic traits.

This book describes his insatiable desire to determine his genetic origins while attempting to find as much closure as possible. It is a thoughtful representation of the complexities of adopted life, and a place for non-adoptees to understand what being adopted feels like.

This is a unique memoir that seeks to find answers to seemingly impossible questions. It takes readers on a compelling journey through ups and downs as Jeff embarks on a life-changing and life-defining quest to finally reveal the unanswered questions and secrets that have been hidden for most of his life.

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