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Redeemed: Lessons About Anger From the Holy Educated Muthaf*cka (HEMF Series)

 Author: Dr Nicole Price  Category:  ISBN: 979-8866658565  Buy Now

In this heartfelt sequel to The Holy Educated Motherf*cker, Dr. Price grapples with a life-changing truth: the man she’s always called Dad isn’t her biological father. This book explores the journey that follows, likened to the process of making wine—our toughest times, like grapes, must be pressed and crushed to bring out the richness within.

Redeemed is about finding the strength in our struggles. With a blend of sincerity and subtle humor, the author shares her path through the complexities of anger and the challenge of turning pain into something stronger and more profound.

The book offers a conversation about the ways our hardest experiences can teach us, change us, and help us grow. It doesn’t shy away from the tough feelings or offer quick fixes. Instead, it presents a shared journey toward understanding and the promise that, from the pressures of life, something better can emerge.

For anyone who’s been through their share of life’s crushing experiences and is looking for a way forward, “Redeemed” speaks to the heart of the matter. It’s for those who want to believe that even when we’re pressed to our limit, there’s an opportunity to craft a life of depth and meaning.

Step into Redeemed and embrace the lessons that only life’s pressing moments can teach us—and how they prepare us for a surprising and satisfying existence.

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