DNAngels Community Sponsorship Program

Every year, DNAngels accepts hundreds of new cases from adoptees and Not Parent Expected (NPE’s) with biological questions due to surprise parental results following a home DNA test. To support this mission, we rely 100% on the generosity of donations.

As a 501(c)3, your tax-deductible donation of any amount supports the life changing efforts of DNAngels. Your gift assists those in need of biological answers and emotional support within our growing NPE/Adoptee community.


Your gifts, regardless of size, help make a difference to our community!



One Time Donation

To be applied to any area of need.




Feather Level


Many feathers are needed to help our Angels soar toward answers!

Your monthly sponsorship helps ensure continuous access to vital monthly subscriptions used daily by our Angels. Every client undergoes a comprehensive ancestry search and building of their corrected family tree based on the reading of centimorgans and research through census readings, military, marriage, birth and death records along with online newspapers for obituaries.

As our largest recurring expense, this affordable commitment relies on the help of many to support our expanding community.



Wings Level


Even Angels must pay for postage, office paper, ink, software and a multitude of other administrative supplies to ensure the organization runs smoothly and efficiently.

Throughout the year, we mail DNA kits, donor packets, and grant requests across the country resulting in substantial shipping costs.

Your generosity helps offset these costs and ensures the organization runs smoothly and efficiently.



Halo Level


Our friends who sponsor at this level help us keep our halo’s straight by supporting volunteer background checks, creation of training packets and various online learning seminars throughout the year. These learning opportunities help us stay current with various research methods and provide easy access for all our Angels.



Honorary Angel


Throughout the year, additional live educational and community building opportunities are available to various team members of DNAngels.

Your support at this level offsets tuition fees, travel and lodging expenses. These learning opportunities take place at various colleges or public genealogic research events such as RootsTech.

These in-person events enhance specific areas of learning such as various research methods, DNA interpretation, tree building and a host of other new techniques. This also gives us an opportunity for more community outreach in order to meet the needs of those searching for answers.

Larger events support much needed networking with potential sponsors, grantors and other donors that support our continued mission of utilizing our genetic genealogy skills and resources to provide answers to our community at no cost to them.



Guardian Angel


All too often, someone within our NPE/Adoptee community faces the heartache of a “roadblock”. This means their only hope of confirming biological answers may simply lie with the availability of another DNA kit to calculate the relationship with a potential family member. Lacking funds to purchase an additional test, this is often the only thing standing in their way of answers.

To maximize the effectiveness of this program, each recipient’s case is carefully screened for legitimate need and reasonable certainty the additional test will assist in resolving their case.

As a Guardian Angel, your gift will provide one full DNA test per month to help someone find closure and begin healing.

Opportunities To Give Back: