Meet Ramona

Search Angel

As a teenager, Ramona’s great-Aunt gifted her with a copy of her ancestral tree. This inspired her interest in learning more about her roots and heritage. At age 18, Ramona visited her great-Grandfather’s sisters, who were all in their 90’s and very much alive. Her great-Aunts added new information to her tree, taking her past homes where her family had previously lived, churches of significance and even the casino for their tribe. She embraced this newfound knowledge, their kindness, and the deepening love of her heritage.

Ramona grew up knowing she had a sister who had been placed for adoption. With her growing appreciation of family and culture, she decided to finally take the plunge and submit a DNA sample in the hopes of locating this sister. When her results arrived, she noticed many new close relatives she did not recognize. Ramona began building her family tree on Ancestry but quickly realized these relations did not match the family tree she had been given.

Anxious to solve the mystery, Ramona turned to YouTube videos to understand the results. Before long, she concluded her grandfather was an NPE. Wanting confirmation, she reached out to DNAngels and asked one of the Search Angels to review her results. Kate reviewed her findings, confirming Ramona’s conclusion was correct. Impressed with her natural ability to sleuth, Ramona was asked to become an Angel assistant but quickly progressed to a full-fledged Angel.

Ramona has narrowed her biological grandfather down to a set of brothers. Instead of becoming frustrated and walking away, she passionately believes, “When something bad happens, you have to turn it into a good thing” and applies this when helping others find their answers.

Ramona enjoys sewing, crochet and knitting in her spare time. She is currently taking genealogy classes at Boston University in order to become a certified genealogist. Ramona continues to look for her sister hoping to welcome her into her life one day.