Meet Mary

Search Angel/Mental Health Coordinator

Mary’s love of genealogy has spanned over 40 years, when she first assumed the role as family historian. 

Mary is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Board certified Behavioral Analyst.  For the past twenty years, Mary has educated friends, family members and clients in the art of creating family trees. She quickly realized how this ritual helped many adoptees through the healing process.

Five years ago, shortly after the wide-spread availability of home DNA kits, Mary realized the new potential this brought to solving the mystery of many sealed record adoption cases. She began learning everything she could about DNA result interpretation and applied it to her existing genealogy skills and was ecstatic with the results.

Mary is a professor at Radford University and is licensed for private therapy practice in VA and PA. As our Mental Health Coordinator, her knowledge, talents and guidance are indispensible to the DNAngels organization. The dedication she has to recognizing the emotional needs of our clients and community at large, continuously evolves as our demand increases.

As more adoptees and NPE’s test, Mary is determined to continue pioneering new and effective ways to offer a healing environment for the most vulnerable individuals with this new phenomenon.

Mary has three grown children including a son with special needs.