Meet Laura

Founding Member and Executive Director

Laura’s passion for genealogy developed years ago, when her aunt began researching their family tree back to 1800’s Germany. She loved sharing the rich history with her brothers so much, that, Laura’s father eventually gifted her with a leather-bound book of their family tree.

At age 48, Laura decided to start a family history book for her grandchildren. Intrigued by the new home DNA tests and the ancestral information they could provide, she felt this would be a wonderful upgrade to include in the family history. She never guessed this test would change her life in ways she could not ever imagine.

Initially, when Laura’s results arrived, she felt the test kit must have been faulty. While she saw several maternal matches, there were so many names she did not recognize. Even odder, not a single one of her paternal cousins who had tested appeared on her matches. It didn’t take Laura long to realize the truth.

Using her past genealogy experience, Laura quickly learned how to read DNA matches to determine probable relationships. She began creating mirror trees, reading centimorgan’s and recognizing when there may be an anomaly to consider. Within two weeks, she determined who her biological father was.

Laura’s personal journey gave her a unique perspective to understand the emotional needs of Not Parent Expected (NPE) and adoptees, along with the skills required to find their answers. She offered assistance to others in this situation. As requests for help increased, she noticed many people lacked a strong support network. Many of those she met did not have anyone who truly understood. Laura turned to a small, trusted group of people she had previously helped. Soon a dedicated network of volunteers began working together to address the needs of this growing community.

In February 2019 DNAngels formed and on September 6, 2019, formally recognized as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Serving as our Executive Director, Laura oversees and assigns casework to the Angel Team. She coordinates interdepartmental projects and continues to solve a staggering number of cases. Her dedication to helping others has driven the organization to continuously evolve to meet the needs of the NPE and adoption community.

In her spare time, Laura enjoys spending time with her family and is an avid reader.