Meet Kate

Kate Penney Howard describes her family tree as predictable, with very few surprises (Although, as a result of her father's Y-DNA test, she has recently been searching for her 19th century Scots-Irish ancestor whose name is not Penney, but Armstrong).
It was not until a relative tested and had questions about their "other, adopted side" that Kate became determined to figure out their DNA matches.  Over the course of a year, she identified the birth mother, and then the two brothers who could be the father (yes, we're still waiting on the final answer.  yes, it is frustrating not to know, but both are deceased without known children).

One day, she was talking with a friend and mentioned what she was doing.  The friend said, "really, I am adopted, can you help me?"  Kate offered to take a look, and a few weeks later, she had narrowed things down.  And that's when Kate got a message from her friend's 2nd cousin, "I am adopted, can you help me find my family?"  Kate quickly determined the 2nd cousin's parentage, and was able to discover her friend's parentage too.

Kate spends time in the evening searching through the DNA matches of strangers out of love for others, and a desire to bring healing and wholeness.  She loves learning about different places and cultures, and she feels that through this process, she becomes a part of each person's family who blesses her with the opportunity to become part of their story.