Meet Kate

Kate realized her love for genealogy while working on a school project at the tender age of 13, She enjoyed building her family tree and learning how to research records. Her self-described “predictable family tree” only recently featured a surprise, following her father’s Y-DNA test. All these years she had been searching for her 19th century Scottish-Irish ancestors who, as it turns out, is not a Penney at all but an Armstrong.

In 2018, one of Kate’s adopted relatives submitted a DNA test in the hopes of finding a biological link. Knowing how much these answers meant to her family member, she was determined to learn the science behind interpreting DNA test results. Over the course of a year, Kate successfully identified both biological parents, solving a lifelong mystery and bringing closure to her loved one.

Shortly after solving her relative’s case, Kate shared the story with a friend, mentioning how the home DNA test had provided the missing link in solving the adoption case.  The friend quickly asked, "Really? I am adopted, can you help me?" 

Kate reviewed her friend’s results and instantly sent messages to several potential matches.  Soon after, she received a response from her friend's 2nd cousin, along with the question, "I am also adopted, can you help me find my family?"  She quickly determined the 2nd cousin's parentage along with her friend’s parentage.

Kate cherishes her time in the evenings searching through the DNA matches of strangers out of love for others along with a desire to bring healing and wholeness.  She feels through this process, she is blessed to become a part of each persons’ family by becoming a part of their story.