Meet Emily

Emily is a co-founder of DNAngels and began her journey with the organization in 2018. She’s always had a love for genealogy, stemmed from her childhood where her grandfather made sure their German heritage played an important part in her life.

In 2016, Emily took the 23andMe DNA test and was blown away with all the information the results provided. She then took the AncestryDNA test to hopefully uncover additional information that could be used in her love for genealogy. Eager to see which family members had also taken the tests, she realized there was an entire handful of cousins she didn’t recognize. After contact with these new-found family members, all ended up being adoptees or NPE’s (Non Parent Expected). She immediately knew she had the tools and resources to help these family members find answers and offered to help.

Since 2016, Emily has had many additional close family members and friends find out through DNA tests that who they thought was their biological father/parent, was not. To have what you’ve know about yourself your entire life, turn out to be not true, is completely crushing, and she believes everyone is owed the truth about where they came from, where their genetics originated, and who created their life. Emily thrives in making real connections with those she helps and continuing to follow their journey in life with their new-found biological information. She often refers to the work she does as a search angel as “helping put all the puzzle pieces together” and loves making biological connections through interpreting DNA results to help those in need.