Meet Charity

Search Angel

Charity’s interest in genetic genealogy began when her best friend asked for help solving her mother’s closed adoption case. Discovering answers or some bit of ancestry and medical history meant the world to her friend.  Not knowing anything at all was the hardest part.

Her friend was the first to submit a DNA test. Intrigued and partially motivated by repeated comments regarding how much she and her friend resembled each other, Charity decided to take the plunge too.

While the ladies found they were not related, Charity did notice a strange anomaly with her own test. Her maiden name did not align with any of her matches. Sadly, her father had recently passed so she was unable find the answers she desperately sought.

Using this personal mystery as a platform, Charity began learning as much as possible about genealogic research, reading centimorgans and creating mirror trees. During this process, she met other Search Angels and was inspired by their compassion and willingness to help others. She immediately signed on to share her talents and help others find their answers.

Charity is a devoted mom who loves travel, exploring new cultures and creative cooking.