Meet Aimee

Search Angel

Aimee’s passion for genealogy started 18 years ago. However, in 2014, her interest morphed into the study of autosomal DNA (focusing on single nucleotide polymorphisms) in search of a diagnosis for her daughter who has a rare medical disorder. Between Aimee’s diligence and finding the right specialists, her daughter was finally able to be tested and appropriately treated.

With this medical mystery behind her, Aimee realized combining the DNA test results with her genealogic research offered a whole new way to research her own ancestral history. For years, several family members had their own generational mysteries no one had been able to solve. With her newfound knowledge, Aimee dove in and quickly found answers.

Word spread about her ability and before long, her friends and then their friends were asking Aimee for help. Determined to learn as much as possible, she took several genealogy classes and attended lectures which gave her the tools to be successful.

Aimee realizes that without help from our Search Angels, many of our clients would never know their true biological parents. She takes great pride and feels blessed to share her knowledge and gifts helping families reunite, answer questions, and ensure each client does not feel alone in their journey.

In her spare time, Aimee enjoys photography, roller coasters and visiting Cedar Point amusement park with her family.