DNAngels is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to solving the mystery of DNA for each client we serve – at no cost – through genetic genealogy expertise and support services.

The organization was created based upon or belief that everyone deserves to know and understand who they are and where they came from.

Our Vision
To ensure every person has access to information about their individual genetic genealogy.

Our Mission
To provide no-cost genetic answers to adoptees or any person who has been impacted by a non-paternal event (NPE) following a DNA test and wishing to explore  biological connections.
We understand the unique emotional impact felt by those struggling with biological questions or unexpected DNA test results and offer a beneficial online support system to our clients.

Who We Are
DNAngels is a collective of individuals, all whom have been impacted either personally or with a loved one by unexpected or unanswered DNA test results.
The organization is comprised of skilled genetic genealogy experts – Search Angels – along with other dedicated volunteers who offer support and advocacy for our clients.
DNAngels was incepted in November 2018. We are very proud to say we solve more than 90% of all cases.


Our Clients
As the popularity of at-home DNA testing continues to rise, so too does our client base. We receive multiple requests for our services on a daily basis. We anticipate the number of these requests to steadily increase as our organization continues to grow and develop our organization’s online social media footprint.


The majority of clients we serve fall into three categories:

  • NPE’s
    Often we work with individuals who are NPE (Non-Paternity Event, or what many also refer to as, Not-Parent Expected). NPE’s typically have lived their entire lives with the mistaken belief the person who raised them was their biological parent, only to discover this was not the case after taking a DNA test.
  • Adoptees
    An individual who has legally become part of a family other than their biological parents’.
  • Donor Conceived
    Donor conception means creating a child using donated sperm, donated eggs or embryos.


Our Client Services
DNA mapping combined with ancestral research and interpretation is a costly service, often running as high as several thousand dollars. The cost of these services is often beyond the budget of the average person, especially considering there is no guarantee of results.
As a nonprofit organization, DNAngels provides these services to our clients at no cost. We operate strictly on the generosity of donations to our organization, which help defer costs associated with the extensive research we provide.  Again, it is our belief that everyone deserves to have access to their own genetic genealogy.
Once a case is solved, our team will provide the client with as much contact information for biological family members as possible. Actual contact is left to the discretion of the client as each journey is unique and personal. Our staff and fellow clients are always willing to offer suggestions and lend support based from their own personal experiences.

What To Expect
Each person’s case is reviewed on an individual basis. Our intake team first conducts a confidential interview with each person, where they gather the necessary information to determine if an individual meets our criteria to proceed. If accepted as a client, your intake specialist (IS) will place you on a waiting list and provide information for the next steps of preparation before being assigned a Search Angel. Your IS will stay with you until your case officially opens and help you prepare.
DNAngels takes client privacy very seriously. For this reason, once a case is accepted, all clients are immediately placed into the DNAngels Client Group on Facebook by the IS. Only past and current DNAngels clients have access to this private group. 
We encourage all members to lend support, advice or to ask questions in reference to their specific DNA journey. In this room, many discussions take place on various situations and experiences, all of which concern DNA test results and the journey that follows receipt of these results.
Once your case opens, our team of Search Angels will utilize multiple resources to research each person's family lineage, such as life event records, newspapers and many other forms of media and documentation - all of which provide data from which an accurate genetic genealogical history can be established.
Clients are required to be accessible to their Angel(s) as questions or needs arise and will take an active role in their journey. We will work with each person’s schedule to ensure a mutually convenient time.
While we understand occasionally some may feel especially anxious for their case to be solved, we do request the courtesy of accepted client’s not working with other Search Angels outside of our group. “Doubling up" takes valuable resources from both our group and another, forcing other clients in need to wait. If at any time you feel discouraged or concerned, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of your team to resolve any issues.
We also offer a more public Facebook support group room for clients, spouses, siblings, friends and anyone impacted or in need of support relating to a DNA test result. While not as private as our client group, this group still requires a request to be accepted. Please visit our homepage Facebook button if you would like to join.
Support and Advocacy
The goal of DNAngels is to provide each client with answers and information based on often-times confusing DNA test results. Further, as a natural extension of our mapping and interpretation services, DNAngels aims to provide advocacy and support to each individual with whom we work. 
The relief, healing and recovery process following an understanding of one’s individual DNA test results is something DNAngels not only empathizes with but more importantly, in line with our mission, is dedicated to providing to each client at no cost.
DNAngels provides a number of support and advocacy resources to our clients. If you or someone you love is having a difficult time dealing with your results or search, please alert your DNAngels team right away. Always remember, we are here to help and really do understand the roller coaster of emotions each person experiences.
Our relationship with every client is unique, much like each person’s DNA. Regardless of the situation, we maintain an open-ended relationship with every client. While some individuals only desire a basic understanding of DNA test results, others require a more involved approach, often including fellowship and networking, all of which DNAngels provides on a completely confidential basis.

How You Can Help Further Our Mission
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we rely entirely on funding and in-kind donations from foundations, corporations and individuals. We also rely heavily on the volunteerism of our Search Angels and staff for operational purposes.
DNAngels is always in need of support to continue our efforts to provide no-cost answers to each of our clients with the mapping and interpretation services we provide.
If you are adopted and seeking your birth parents or if you have taken a DNA test and are surprised at the results, DNAngels is here to help you find your truth.
Everyone deserves to know where they came from, and the opportunity to explore their biological family medical history at the very least. We seek to connect a client’s DNA with the people who contributed to it, so they have the knowledge necessary to understand where their genetics originated from.

Opportunities To Give Back: